What sets us apart?

Vanguard Gym’s Three Pillars of Training

I. Safety
Your child’s safety is of the ultimate importance to us. Our rigid safety protocols and world class facilities keep the children as safe as can be reasonably expected in a contact sport. All of our instructors are adults with years of experience in the martial arts and working with children. We strive for a beneficial instructor to student ratio to insure safety and learning are happening.

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II. Real World, Functional Technique

Let’s face it, no one is here to learn ballet. All of the techniques the children learn can be used in class, competition, or to control an altercation in real life. They also learn when is the right and wrong time to use their techniques and knowledge. Our Bully-Proofing curriculum is proven and effective.

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III. Fun
We design the training with a games approach. We try to turn most of the drills into games so the children have fun and enjoy learning. Good order and discipline is never compromised, and children learn to have fun within the boundaries good behavior and respect.

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Three Domains of Training

    I. Emotional

Confidence, Humility, Compassion, Kindness, Empathy, Trust, Personal Responsibility

    II. Mental/Values

Bully Proofing, Motivation, Leadership, Focus, Self-Control, Discipline, Goal Setting, Overcoming Challenges, Commitment, Family, Teamwork

    III. Physical

Self-Defense, Fitness/Healthy Living, Drug Free Lifestyle, Competition, Individual Achievement


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Vanguard Gym is not a belt factory. We don’t use the promise of promotion for monetary gain. We believe that capability is performance on demand, and as such the real test is how children apply the lesson learned at the gym to daily life. That being said, rank and belts are an acknowledgement of the time, dedication, and abilities displayed by the children.

Our belt ranking system in in line with the IBJJF’s ranking system, which allows the children to compete at their skill and age level should they decide they want to. It also puts them on pace to be eligible for adult testing/ranking after the age of sixteen.

In addition, our testing is:
– Available once a quarter with most children testing an average of twice a year
– There are NO FEES associated with testing – you don’t even pay for the belt
– There are minimum age Requirements
– Values Requirements
– Performance Requirements
– Action Requirements

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